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Portable Appliance Testing has become one of the most popular activities that enhance the safety of many electrical appliances in many areas. PAT always ensures that electrical appliances are routinely checked for any defaults or malfunction. Portable Appliance Testing may not be only necessary for home appliances, but also for businesses, hotel, school, hospitals or any other institution or organization that uses electrical appliances. Because of the safety necessities of electric appliances, the market now has been filled by so many companies offering Portable Appliance Testing services. Some of the companies are genuine, but others will only play scam on you. Therefore, it is important that you consider different professionalism elements before falling for the services of any PAT company. The following are the tips on How to decide on a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) company; 1. Check on company certification and license Certification is the most important aspect to consider before you make up your mind on choosing a particular PAT company. If a company has a license and a certificate on Portable Appliance Testing services, then it means that it is operating legally, and you can trust them on different aspects. A certified company will offer very quality and satisfactory services, unlike the uncertified ones. In the case of any damages caused by the electric appliances, a licensed company will take care of everything because it usually has an insurance cover. 2. Look at the customer reviews The customer reviews are always found on their website. The reviews will show you the reactions of different clients, who have been served by the company before, concerning the quality of services they offer. If the reviews have a higher percentage of positive comments, then you can make a decision of choosing that company. But if the reviews have a higher percentage of negative comments, then you better avoid it. 3. Ask around The best way to decide on a PAT company is to as your, friends, relatives or workmates. Some of these people might have much information on the best Portable Appliance Testing Company in your locality. They might also have the first-hand experience, as they might have been served by the company before. So always consult before you make a decision on which company to be served with. 4. Look at the Company’s reputation This means that you should look at how the company has been handling legal and ethical issues. Consider what people say about the company and for how long it has been operating. A company might have a poor reputation because of the poor services it offers, or the unqualified personnel who act as their staff members. Such companies should be avoided at all cost because they are most likely not going to be helpful. 5. Do not look at the cost of their services. It is not automatic that a company with very high service rates will offer excellent services, and the one with lower rates will offer poor services. No, this is not true because the amount you pay for a service cannot determine the quality of the service. What will determine the quality of the service is the experience, professionalism and the knowledge the PAT personnel has. Before you decide on any PAT company, always ensure that you consider the above tips, for you to get quality and reliable services.

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