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Pat Test Bolton Location Details

Pat Testing Bolton Lancs

Kennedy Pat Testing Flexspace Manchester Road Bolton BL3 2NZ

01204 323201

​Portable Appliance Testing in the UK - or PAT Testing in the UK- is a necessary part of employee training or appliance inspection for all companies and self-employed 
individuals, as well as schools, hospitals and various other environments and sectors.

Bolton, a rich and diverse business area of Lancashire, and therefore 
must do its utmost to be compliant with the testing and inspection of their electrical equipment if it's used by staff or customers.

With the introduction of Electricity at Work Regulations (1989), guidelines came in concerning electrical equipment. 

Adhering to regulations may require attending 
Health and Safety courses. When it comes to maintaining and inspecting equipment, qualified individuals - either within the company or an outsourced 
electrician - may carry out portable appliance testing to ensure that all equipment used by the company or body is functioning the way it should.

PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) ensures that electrical appliances are checked regularly and accurately so that the safety of the user is protected. 

Testing is simple and effective, allowing users to quickly identify whether an appliance has passed or failed the safety check.

An appliance that has been tested will be labelled for guidance.

A sticker will be placed in clear view and should ideally be placed on the cable as close to the 
plug as possible and with simple colour coding to indicate its condition to the user.

If an appliance has passed and is deemed safe for use, it will be marked 
with a green label. If an appliance has failed and therefore should not be used, the label will be red.

If the appliance has passed the PAT Test, the green label will have a 'pass date', as well as a date that indicates when the appliance should next be tested.

A red 
label will also show a 'fail date'. Further information provided on the PAT testing label may vary, depending on the issuing company and the chosen design.

If an appliance fails the PAT Test, there could be some possible reasons. It may be that the plug is damaged or has been wired incorrectly. There may be an 
incorrect fuse or a faulty mains cable. If the problem is more severe, the PAT engineer will advise that use of the item be discontinued.

Singular workers ought to be made mindful of potential dangers with regards to the utilisation of compact machines. For instance, if an attachment's wiring is 
free or frayed, the hardware ought not to be utilised, and the assigned individual from staff educated.

Shortcomings ought to be accounted for to 
administration, and signage presented over the hardware on keeping its utilisation by others.

Different procedures, for example, the investigation of 
apparatuses for any indications of harm, can likewise anticipate mishaps or diminish the danger of business related fatalities.Employees may be trained to 
spot potential problems before starting to operate portable machinery. In this way, the risk of electrical fires and other accidents is averted.

Statistically, many of the accidents and incidents logged by health and safety authorities could be avoided if quick visual checks are carried out by 
employees on portable equipment. These matters - and more complicated issues that may arise when it comes to the use of electrical equipment - may be learned 
by employees at courses given by Health and Safety compliance bodies that deal with PAT Testing in the UK.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 compels those who use electrical systems and their employers to maintain those systems to a possible degree to prevent 
danger. Other regulations include those from Europe: The European Low Voltage Directive concerns the manufacture or importation of electrical appliances. 
This aspect of the law is overseen by Trading Standards. However, it is important that equipment remains safe while it is being used.

When an engineer comes to site from Kennedy Pat Testing Bolton to carry out PAT Testing then he will undertake several tests on individual appliance and those test will be:-

* A Full Visual Inspection
* An Insulation Test
* An Earth continuity Test
* An Earth leakage test

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